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MessageMyWay is the communications hub for your community. It instantly sends your alert to the people YOU want - the way THEY want.

Different people like to communicate in different ways. Some check their emails regularly, others live on Facebook or Twitter. Some prefer a phone call, others like texting, or Facebook Messenger, or Telegram, or Slack.

With MessageMyWay, you can reach them all.

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Simple and Fast

Type your message, select a list and hit SEND on our mobile-friendly web page. Job done.

In seconds your alert appears on Facebook, Twitter and your website, and devices ping and ring across your community.

All this happens without forcing anyone to sign up to a particular service or app. MessageMyWay lets people get your messages via the services they already use, so your alerts will get through to EVERYONE.

Our Services

Recipients can choose to get alerts via any of these services:

You don't need to know anything about these services - MessageMyWay handles everything. And when the next big thing comes along, we'll handle that too.

Try it for yourself.

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Admin made easy

If you've used SchoolBookings, you already know how simple and effective our services are. We've built MessageMyWay the same way, hiding all the complexity behind an inituitive interface.

Take one of the more complicated parts of our service: importing lists. You simply cut and paste contact details from whatever source you have - a spreadsheet, database or even a web page. MessageMyWay automatically extracts email addresses and phone numbers from the most jumbled data.

But you may not even have to do that, because people can add themselves to your lists. They choose how they want to be contacted and which lists they subscribe to, and they can return any time to update an email address or a new phone number. One less job for you!

Great Value

MessageMyWay charges just US$195 per year for organisations under 500 people. We do have to pass on telco costs for SMS and voice, but otherwise there are no other charges - you can send as many alerts and have as many administrators as you like, at no extra cost.

When you send an alert, you choose NORMAL or URGENT priority. Normal alerts are always free, so by using this option you can avoid telco costs completely. Urgent alerts may use SMS and voice if your recipients have chosen to be contacted those ways. But by encouraging your community to switch to one of our free alternative services, you can minimise telco charges.

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Don't take our word for it.

We did a communications survey after the second snow day and the parents just raved about MessageMyWay, they absolutely loved it. We'd previously tried a couple of other tools but getting the buy-in from parents to download it was pretty hard. With MessageMyWay, parents don’t have to do a thing. That was really important to us - to have no barriers with getting the information to parents, either urgently or not. The key thing for us is that the message gets to people in the way they want it, and MessageMyWay definitely delivers on that.

– Tim Young, Arrowtown Primary School

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