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MessageMyWay is the communications hub for your community. It is your emergency communications plan, your telephone tree, and your email broadcast system all in one.

Depending on the urgency, you can send your message as emails, SMS texts or voice calls - and have it pop up on your website at the same time.

All this happens in seconds from any internet-connected device. No matter if you're offsite or can't reach the office PC because the fire alarm is going off - you can get the word out from any smartphone.

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Simple and Fast

Type your message, select a list and hit SEND on our mobile-friendly web page. Job done.

In seconds devices ping and ring across your community, and your website is updated with your message.

Your recipients don't have to sign up to a particular service or app. MessageMyWay lets people get your messages via the services they already use, so your alerts will get through to EVERYONE.


Our figures show that SMS is less reliable than you might think - one in eight texts get lost in the system. That's why we send critical alerts by phone.

We convert your alert text into surprisingly realistic speech using voice synthesis, and then phone all recipients and play them the message three times.

This works with all phones, from the latest smartphones to old landline phones. And if they are engaged, we'll retry or leave a voice mail.

Try it for yourself.

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Free Trial

Good Value

The MessageMyWay annual subscription costs just $195 (USD) for schools with under 500 students. Click here for subscription pricing.

You also need to buy telco credit to send SMS texts and voice calls, but we pass these charges on at cost so you can be sure you are getting the best value for money. Click here for telco pricing.

MessageMyWay displays the cost of each alert before you send it, so you can decide if an URGENT or CRITICAL alert is justified. NORMAL alerts (email) are always free.

Good Values

We believe that education is the bedrock of our society - and that it is seriously under-resourced. This drives our fair pricing policy, keeping prices as low as we can so more schools can afford to use our service. This way we can provide the best communications service in the world to the widest number of schools.

We also help several education, youth and domestic violence organisations with free services and financial contributions.

SchoolAlert runs on the Google Appengine platform, which is carbon neutral and powered entirely by renewable energy.

Don't take our word for it.

We did a communications survey after the second snow day and the parents just raved about MessageMyWay, they absolutely loved it. We'd previously tried a couple of other tools but getting the buy-in from parents to download it was pretty hard. With MessageMyWay, parents don’t have to do a thing. That was really important to us - to have no barriers with getting the information to parents, either urgently or not. The key thing for us is that the message gets to people in the way they want it, and MessageMyWay definitely delivers on that.

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